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ENGLISH TODAY: OPENING AND CLOSING OF SPEECH (Part I) “pembuka dan penutup dalam pidato bahasa inggris. Bagian 1”

Hi, teman-teman kali ini saya akan posting contoh Dasar pembukaan dan penutup pada saat pidato, yang saya pelajari sewaktu kursus bahasa inggris langsung saja ya saya berikan contohnya.

Assalamu’alaikum Wr.Wb

Excelency: Mr. Potter as directur of School Music
Respectable: All teachers and functionaries of School Music
Honorable: All my friends whom i love

First of all, lets pray and thanks unto our god ALLAH SWT who has been giving us some mercies and blessings so we can attend and gather in this place in good condition and happy situation.
Secondly, may peace and salutation always be given to our prophet MUHAMMAD SAW. Who has guided us from the darkness to the brightness from the stupidity to the cleverness, from jahilia era to the islamiah era namely islamic religion that we love. So by his guidiance we are able to differentiate the good thing and the bad one, the right way and the wrong one in order to enter god’s paradise
Thirdly, i dont forget to say thanks so much to the MC (master of Ceremony) who has been giving me time to speak in front of you all

Standing in front of you all, i would like to deliver my speech under the tittle “………….(isi judul pidatomu)…..”

Nah berikut beberapa contoh penutup pidato/speech

a) Thats all my speech, i do hope my speech will be usefull in our life in this world and the here after.
b) As human being, i relieze that i can’t avoid the mistakes, so i apologize to you all. And i don’t forget to say thanks so much for your nice attention.
c) That’s all my speech, may what i have delivered be usefull in our life in this world and here after. If you found many mistakes in my speech please forgive me.

The last i say Wassalamua’alaikum Wr. Wb.


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